“I seldom leave home without my camera,” says Jared B. Tremper, photographer. The question is about mood: 

“Do I feel like film today? Or maybe the vintage Carl Zeiss Sonnar 50mm F1.5 lens on my Sony a7iii”. Because everyone’s a photographer these days, Jared feels it is vital to carve out a unique perspective about the world around him.

Situated in the almost rural parts of suburban Chicago, he and his wife Bethanne love to photograph nature and landscapes, but also urban landscapes and street photography. 

Jared aspires to the notion of “the decisive moment”, popularized by the legendary street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. At any given moment—all around us—there are stories unfolding. Jared’s journey is to capture meaning in the moments. 

“Street photography is one of the more demanding styles of photography for me. Introverts with a camera walk fast and shoot from the hip. Yet each time I see a new story worth capturing.”

Bethanne T. Tremper

Jared's better half and photographer in her own right. Check out her portfolio where you can even order prints and high quality notecards!

Jared B. Tremper

Man in a perpetual mid-life crisis walking around with at least one camera and a mission: to frame the world through a lens and share that with you.

JBT Photos - What We Do

Together we form JBT Photos, where we often shoot together in complimentary styles yet individual flare. Jared does Real Estate photography, some portraits and headshots, and loves to just get lost in landscapes with a vintage lens. Bethanne excels at capturing flowers, and she has created some unique photo note cards.

We occasionally do event photography, with an eye towards more candids and documentary: there are decisive moments everywhere.

Jared also enjoys scanning film negatives — even some 35mm slides — and doing some retouching. 


We are not the most expensive photography duo out there, but nor are we cheapest. Some photographers command the highest prices; others will sell themselves short. For us, each project is unique — and long-term relationships are rewarded! So it's best to talk about your needs and see if we might be a good fit.

Would you like to meet for coffee?

My treat!

We prefer photography to be based on relationships. I find a little coffee and conversation can help us discern if there is a potential for us to click!

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