My First Zine

I had a dream. Okay, nothing so grand. And certainly nothing compared to Dr. King’s beautiful “I have a dream” speech. But many years ago, I dreamed of writing a book. Or maybe a few books. Reality soon settled in. My ideas for a book were too narrow to be feasible. 

When I picked up a camera for the first time as an adult (not an iPhone, but a “real” camera), I never dreamed it would lead to publishing something. As I grew in my photography, I began to realize it had power to communicate. But what? Even this blog, which has long been neglected, really just spoke within my tiny brain’s fog of random thoughts.

Lockdown and the last 18 months of trying to find normal again was the spark for a photo book magazine. For years, my photographs were mainly single images on social media. But a photo zine cannot be a bunch of random pictures. Even great pictures. That’s what is called a portfolio (and that is what this website is all about).

The Zine is called “Life Rebooted”. In it, I put together a photographic narrative reflecting on the last year or so following the drastic mitigations called “lockdown”.

Photo zine spread Chicago 2021.

My first photo “zine”

This zine isn’t about monetizing my photography. While you can buy my photo zine here, trust me: I ain’t gettin’ rich on it! It’s about compiling my emotions and observations over the last year that was so very difficult for all of us. I was amazed at the ability for folks to bounce back and deal with life after lockdown. It’s a reboot. And while we may go through a few more reboots in the future, I think you will find that God has endowed us with a will to rise above it all. To live again. Life has indeed rebooted, even if the system still feels a bit buggy.

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